Brian Swager

Organ Lessons for Children and Adults, Beginners and Advanced

Organ lessons are available to students of all ages and at any level, from beginning through advanced. Keyboard proficiency (prior piano or harpsichord study) is necessary. Ability to play Bach two-part inventions is a minimum prerequsite. You will need to have access to an organ for daily practice. If you do not have an organ, I might be able to help you to arrange a rental or to find a church where you could practice. Young beginners should be tall enough to play the pedals with their feet while maintaining balance on the bench.

Scope of Study

Organ students learn to play standard organ repertoire pieces and are encouraged to study hymn playing. Beyond performance, students will have opportunities for improvisation and composition activities. Included in lessons is training in music theory, sight-singing, and ear training. Students will learn to play music in a variety of styles.


Daily practice is essential. For organ students, I require a minimum of one hour per day, six days per week. Additionally, students are encouraged to maintain their piano technique. Students who wish to excel in music eventually will need to exceed this basic requirement. Ideally, students come to their practice not merely from a sense of duty, but out of the love and enjoyment of music. Parents need to support this discipline using, as motivation, the student's enthusiasm for music and the joy of a musical household. Just as many families make shared meal time a priority, the importance of daily time at the instrument needs to hold a place in each day's routine, ideally at the same time each day.

Piano and Harp Lessons

I am also available to teach piano and harp lessons. These lessons are taught at my home studio.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are ready to register for lessons.

updated: 17 DEC 2022