Brian Swager

Music Lesson Fees
(effective January 2011)

There are two semesters per year: September through mid-January, and mid-January through mid-June. There are 16 weekly lessons per semester. Lessons are also possible during the summer.

Lessons are normally one hour.

Rates per Semester for Lessons at Allegro Fuoco
$1120 ($70 per lesson)

Rates for Lessons at Allegro Fuoco, paid on monthly basis
$75 per lesson

Rates for Individual Lessons at Allegro Fuoco
$80 per lesson

Rates per Semester for Lessons in your home (San Francisco only)
$1600 ($100 per lesson)

Cancellation Policy
Lessons normally take place every week at your assigned time. Occasionally, lessons may need to be rescheduled. Students must give at least seven (7) days notice if they need to reschedule, and a make-up lesson will be offered within the semester term. Consequently, if the student becomes ill, the lesson may need to be forfeited. I strongly suggest that families take their vacation plans and sports schedules, etc., into account at the beginning of the semester so that we can plan together to avoid missing any lessons. Please note that if students wish to make up any missed lessons, it must happen within the same semester. There are several extra weeks during each semester to allow for holidays, vacations, and other conflicts. Advance planning is recommended. If I need to reschedule a lesson, I will give as much notice as possible, offering make-up options to fit your schedule.

The fees are subject to revision each September.

Music Scores and Materials
The only additional expense is for music books and scores. This averages approximately $10-$30 per semester. The student can reimburse the teacher for these materials.

Adult Students
Adults can begin at any time and have the option to register for the standard 16-lesson semester or to schedule a block of lessons customized to their needs.

Trial Lesson
You are welcome to schedule an exploratory lesson before making the commitment to a whole semester. Exploratory lessons are generally 30-45 minutes. The fee is $50.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are ready to register for lessons.

updated: 17 DEC 2010