Brian Swager

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my website and for considering private music lessons. I still remember my very first music teachers fondly and am grateful for the love of music that they instilled in me. I have devoted my life to giving the gift of music, both through performance and through teaching.

Making music is a joy for the musician and brings joy to those who hear the fruit of your efforts. Learning to play a musical instrument actually offers many significant benefits beyond the obvious musical rewards. If you are not already convinced to register for music lessons for yourself or for your child, read on:

Playing a Musical Instrument Improves Academic Performance
Countless studies have demonstrated the positive effects of music on the brain. There is a significant association between music training and academic performance, especially reading skills. Adults will notice that it helps to keep the mind alert and active, eventually helping to sharpen the memory.

Music Study Teaches Self Discipline
The diligent practice that is necessary for musicians teaches students the value of self discipline. Music students learn to apply these lessons to create success in other areas of their lives.

Music Performance Offers a Sense of Achievement
It is very satisfying to be able to play a musical instrument. Students set goals, achieve them, and receive lots of positive reinforcement for their efforts.

Making Music Relieves Stress and Teaches Patience

Making Music Cultivates Creativity

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updated: 24 June 2009