California Palace of the Legion of Honor

San Francisco

Saturday 31 August & Sunday 1 September 2013 – 4 PM

Brian Swager, Organist


Toccata on "O filii et filiae" Lynnwood Farnam 1885-1930
Allegro maestoso
Allegro vivace
Jean-Joseph Mouret 1682-1738
I am black but comely, O Ye Daughters of Jerusalem Marcel Dupré 1886-1971
Processional William Mathias 1934-1992
From A Quaker Reader
"There Is a Spirit That Delights to Do No Evil"
Ned Rorem b. 1923
The Star-Spangled Banner John Stafford Smith
arr. Virgil Fox
Festal Flourish Gordon Jacob 1895-1984
Come Sweet Death, Come Blessed Rest Johann Sebastian Bach
arr. Virgil Fox
Allegro (from Second Symphony for Organ) Louis Vierne 1870-1937

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