San Francisco American Guild of Organists Member Recital

San Francisco

Sunday 22 March 2009 – 4 PM


That Line Which is Earth's Shadow Ellen Ruth Harrison Performed by Sandra Soderlund
Variations sur un vieux Noël
Theme, Canzona en trio, Fonds (canon à l'octave), Flûtes,
Berceuse, Musette, Canon à la quarte (trio), Fugato en Final
Timothy Tikker Performed by David Hatt
What Wondrous Love is This, O My Soul?
Fantasia on Four American Hymns: Wondrous Love,
Were You There, Deep River, and Burleigh
Emily Maxson Porter Performed by Angela Kraft Cross
Six Sketches on Children's Hymns, Op. 481 Barrie Cabena Performed by Robert Gurney
Prelude and Fugue in F Minor, Op. 45 Rachel Laurin Performed by Brian Swager

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