Music and Worship
Immanuel Lutheran Church
San Jose, California

Maintaining Faith despite COVID-19

Holy Trinity Sunday - 7 June 2020

Listen to an organ prelude: ¨Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr¨ BWV 662
(All Glory Be to God on High) . . . by Johann Sebastian BACH

Sing along with the hymn: Holy, Holy, Holy
LBW 165 - Tune: Nicaea
    Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!
    Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee.
    Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!
    God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!
    Holy, holy, holy! All the saints adore thee,
    Casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea;
    Cherubin and seraphim falling down before thee,
    Which wert and art and evermore shalt be.
    Holy, holy, holy! Though the darkness hide thee,
    Though the eye made blind by sin thy glory may not see,
    Only thou art holy; there is none beside thee,
    Perfect in power, in love and purity.
    Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
    All thy works shall praise thy name in earth and sky and sea.
    Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!
    God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!
Listen to a Harp Interlude
"Prière" (Prayer)
by Marc DELMAS
Played on the Lyon & Healy Concert Grand Harp

Sing along with the hymn: Father Most Holy
LBW 169 - Tune: Christe sanctorum
    Father most holy, merciful, and tender;
    Jesus, our Savior, with the Father reigning;
    Spirit of comfort, advocate, defender,
    Light never waning.
    Trinity blessed, unity unshaken;
    Goodness unbounded, very God of heaven,
    Light of the angels, joy of those forsaken,
    Hope of all living.
    Maker of all things, all thy creatures praise thee;
    All for thy worship were and are created;
    Now, as we also worship thee devoutly,
    Hear thou our voices.
    Lord God Almighty, unto thee be glory,
    One in three persons, over all exalted!
    Glory we offer, praise thee and adore thee,
    Now and forever.
Listen to an Organ Postlude: Three Variations on "Holy, Holy, Holy"
. . . by Piet POST

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