Music and Worship
Immanuel Lutheran Church
San Jose, California

Maintaining Faith despite COVID-19

Day of Pentecost - 31 May 2020

Listen to an organ prelude: Chorale and Variations on "Veni Creator Spiritus" Maurice DURUFLÉ

    Come Creator Spirit, visit the souls of thy people,
    fill with grace from on high the hearts which thou hast created.
    Thou who art called the Comforter, gift of the most high God,
    living fount, fire, love, and unction of souls.
    Sevenfold in thy gifts, finger of the Father's right hand,
    thou promised truly by the Father, giving speech to tongues
    Inflame our senses with thy light, pour thy love into our hearts,
    strengthen our weak bodies with lasting power.
    Drive far away the enemy, grant peace at all times;
    so under thy guidance may we avoid all evil.
    Grant us by thee to know the Father and to know the Son;
    and thee, Spirit of both, may we always believe.
    To God the Father be glory, to the Son who rose from the dead
    and to the Comforter, for all ages. Amen.

Sing along with the hymn: Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire - LBW 473
Tune: Komm, Gott Schöpfer
    Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,
    And lighten with celestial fire;
    Thou the anointing Spirit art,
    Who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart.
    Thy blessed unction from above
    Is comfort, life, and fire of love.
    Enable with perpetual light
    The dullness of our blinded sight.
    Anoint and cheer our soiled face
    With the abundance of thy grace.
    Keep far our foes; give peace at home;
    Where thou art guide, no ill can come.
    Teach us to know the Father, Son,
    And thee, of both, to be but one;
    That through the ages all along
    Thy praise may be our endless song!
Listen to a Harp Interlude
"Veni Creator Spiritus" inspired by Duruflé's harmonization
Played on the Witcher Lever Harp

Sing along with the hymn: O Day Full of Grace
LBW 161 - Tune: Den signede dag
    O day full of grace that now we see Appearing on earth's horizon,
    Bring light from our God that we may be Replete in his joy this season.
    God, shine for us now in this dark place; Your name on our hearts emblazon.
    O day full of grace, O blessed time, Our Lord on the earth arriving;
    Then came to the world that light sublime, Great joy for us all retrieving;
    For Jesus all mortals did embrace, All darkness and shame removing.
    For Christ bore our sins, and not his own, When he on the cross was hanging;
    And then he arose and moved the stone, That we, unto him belonging,
    Might join with angelic hosts to raise Our voices in endless singing.
    God came to us the at Pentecost, His Spirit new life revealing,
    That we might no more from him be lost, All darkness for us dispelling.
    His flame will the mark of sin efface And bring to us all his healing.
    When we on that final journey go That Christ is for us preparing,
    We'll gather in song, our hearts aglow, All joy of the heavens sharing,
    And walk in the light of God's own place, With angels his name adoring.
Listen to an Organ Postlude: Final from Chorale Variations on "Veni Creator Spiritus" Maurice DURUFLÉ

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